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All of our products are made with tons of attention to detail, traditional methods that guarantee the best quality prints, and expert guidance from people who love these sports.

Happy Clients

“I wanted to let you know that it’s been a pleasure dealing with the whole M.A.S.K. Mfg.(Flite) family.”

– Andy, Yamaha Motors

“We were really happy with how the shirts looked and felt overall, so thank you for a job well done.”

– Brian, D’Vash Organics

“You were great to work with and the order went really smooth!  I look forward to working with your company again in the future!  Thank you for be professional and coming through on time”

– Sam, Broward Motorsports

“Everything looks great. Very happy. You did a great job, great communication and really easy to work with. I’d absolutely recommend Flite! ”

– Todd, Azusa Racing

“Awesome person running this business keep up the great work.”

– Mark, GoEasy Australia

“MASK (Flite) is awesome!”

– Kalina, Factory Effex

“Thank you for going above and beyond on this project.”

– Mike, Proforma

“People made a ton of comments about the bike, they loved the pads and MANY MANY people even asked if people still made pad sets haha… so that was awesome!”

– Gerardo, Nuclear Blast Records.